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Code & Construction Consultants serves a wide variety of sectors with specific emphasis on:
  • Office (new construction of shell & core, renovation, tenant improvements)
  • Hospitality (new construction and renovation)
  • Luxury Residential (new construction and renovation)

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OFFICE New Construction, Renovation, and Tenant Improvements

The leasing of office space is often a complex initiative. At the inception of a project, the tenant typically engages the services of a broker to negotiate business terms such as rental rate and lease terms. In addition, the services of an architect and engineer are retained for space planning and the development of the final construction documents. While these professionals are wise to have on the team, they regularly represent both tenants and landlords and frequently bring conflicts of interest to their engagements.

Focusing on long-term relationships with people on the other side of the table, the client’s best interests, particularly its bottom line, are not aggressively protected. This is one of the many reasons the services of Code & Construction Consultants are so highly prized.

As the client’s independent, exclusive construction advocate, Code & Construction Consultants is not compromised because of past landlord representations. By working exclusively on behalf of tenants, and not landlords, we assure that the best interests of the client are always served with independence and integrity.

In addition, Code & Construction Consultants consistently achieves reductions in construction costs while simultaneously securing higher levels of construction standards and finishes. Twenty-five percent (25%) to thirty-five percent (35%) construction cost savings is customary through our proven, proprietary client strategies.

For a full listing of the services we offer in office leasing transactions, or in any of the other sectors we serve, please contact us.

HOSPITALITY New Construction and Renovation

Whether from the ground up or repositioning of existing lodging facilities, Code & Construction Consultants has successfully worked with a diverse, cross-section of hospitality brands from Four Seasons Hotels to Holiday Inn Express. Our extensive experience has been developed through the successful completion of in excess of fifty thousand (50,000) keys across the country and off shore.

Too often, lodging owners engage the services of a program manager to monitor the development process. Although these consultants provide a valuable service and become a valuable team resource, they lack the individual technical subtrade experience such as mechanical, electrical, architectural, etc. that allow for negotiating the most economical results for the project.

At the bid stage, we typically develop four (4) to five (5) schemes in each subtrade in order to determine the most comprehensive, practical and cost effective solutions. We do not support the theory of committing to one solution until we have the opportunity to submit a variety of solutions, with firm supporting construction costs, to the client for final selection. Plans and specifications are bid to a minimum of five (5) subcontractors.

Code & Construction Consultants negotiates all bidders to assure that the most favorable pricing has been obtained for the client. In addition, Code & Construction Consultants can leverage exclusive relationships with proven quality manufacturers in order to directly purchase certain construction components, thereby bypassing industry standard markups. This savings is passed directly to the client.

Upon the completion of the bid process, Code & Construction Consultants requires the general contractor to establish the Guaranteed Maximum Price with accompanying project schedule.

The ability to speak the subcontractor language and to negotiate on a peer-to-peer basis is truly unique to Code & Construction Consultants.

LUXURY RESIDENTIAL New Construction and Renovation

Frequently, high net worth individuals are taken advantage of when constructing new luxury residences or when rehabilitating existing residences.

Although contractors, architects, and interior designers always want to comply with their clients’ visions, they too often develop their criteria without cost constraints and present these as the only solution possible. In the myriad of client decisions that projects require, oversight gets lost and projects move forward without the benefit of a realistic construction budget.

Code & Construction Consultants job is to develop and monitor a solid, realistic budget and to ensure that at any given juncture the client will have an accurate grasp of the total project cost.

Architects and designers view their primary direction as determining the functional requirements and aesthetic expression of the project – not discussing construction costs. In addition, these providers habitually overlay unnecessary, substantial commissions to procure client materials.