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Proprietary Construction Cost Platform

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Code & Construction Consultants has developed an extensive proprietary construction cost database of the major destination markets. This comprehensive platform is predicated on our firsthand experience within these markets.

Unfortunately, there is no consistent or generally accepted national published standard/index for reporting true construction cost information. Marshall and Stevens, Means, Engineering News Record, and various other construction publications have fallen short in accurately providing actual construction cost data.

The majority of national or regional resources for cost information have been unreliable and many providers, such as contractors/subcontractors and material suppliers, have a vested interest in the inflated outcome of source reports.

All of this information is typically more than ninety (90) days old and there is a substantial margin of error in the reported information in comparison with our own independent data. Frequently, the information gathering process is compiled by entry-level personnel with little construction experience, via the telephone, with no requirement of bona fide proof from the provider.

Our clients, as well as contractors/subcontractors, architects/engineers, program managers, etc. are continually amazed with the wide discrepancies between their initially advised costs and the substantially lower costs that Code & Construction Consultants is consistently able to deliver.


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