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"From the bottom up – not from the top down."

At Code & Construction Consultants we utilize a truly unique approach when negotiating on behalf of our clients.

We expect contractors/subcontractors/bidders to arrive at the negotiating table having marked up their costs to what they believe the market will bear. They base their pricing on historical selling criteria, or what their company has previously been able to obtain.

Instead of initially negotiating how much the contractor/subcontractor/bidder will reduce their costs, Code & Construction Consultants prefers to take every line item completely apart and to have our experts rebuild them from the ground up - with the contractor / subcontractor / bidder - negotiating and establishing each intricate component cost as we go.

In short, through the Code & Construction Consultants process, prices are negotiated in minute components of actual labor and material cost. Our process goes far beyond the traditional industry practice of bidder request/submission of line item costs, and consistently results in the bidder lowering the asking price. Program managers, contractors, and architects/engineers do not have the staff to conduct these intricate cost savings negotiations.

The philosophy of the Code & Construction Consultants program is to establish the complete line item cost from the ground up. When the negotiations are completed, we always arrive at a significantly lower price than the bidder originally requested. This proven, successful strategy results in the client receiving the best line item costs based on actual, true costs – not selling price.

Through this strategy, the client and the project are additionally safeguarded against a bidder who wants the job so badly that they lower their price to such a level that they cannot afford to complete the agreed-to work.

Code & Construction Consultants compensation is always recaptured many times over in the savings it delivers to the client.


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