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Code & Construction Consultants always remains focused on protecting our client’s capital – from the initial concept and planning stages, all the way through the implementation and management of construction.

It is widely understood that contractors tend to overinflate the cost of past work (as well as the cost to complete the new projects they are bidding), resulting in excessive mark-ups being present in almost every quote.

Our unique team of sub-trade professionals (architectural, code compliance, electrical, life safety, mechanical, etc.) brings extensive training and long-term experience in all of their respective fields. Because of our solid knowledge of real construction costs (not current or historic selling criteria), we truly speak the contractors' language, especially when it comes to labor/material costs and more importantly, field productivity.

The Code & Construction Consultants experts are present at each stage of the process. This in-depth commitment allows us to accurately assess the validity of each contractor cost and to then negotiate the best price and terms for our clients.

Arriving at a project’s true cost, while maintaining the project’s overall integrity and preventing excessive markups, is the foundation upon which our business is built. Coupled with this process, Code & Construction Consultants provides its clients the opportunity to purchase materials from proven, quality manufacturers on a direct basis, thus bypassing (and saving) substantial industry-standard markups.

By integrating the results of the contractor negotiating process with the work of architects, designers and engineers, Code & Construction Consultants is able to reduce costs, expedite construction and enhance the value of our client’s investment.

At Code & Construction Consultants our #1 goal is the preservation of our clients':
  • Capital
  • Vision
  • Schedule
  • Project Integrity
  • Return on Investment


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